Night Garden  

SD/HD/Colour/6 mins/2019

Filmed on location in my Mother's garden and bedroom, nocturnal images attempt to parallel her resolve to surviving cancer for a fourth time, and her reflections on immortality to everyday rewards (like her joy of shopping) and fears of darkness. 

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Not For The Faint of Heart 


A travelling carnival at Northgate Mall in Regina, SK, provides the usual thrills and chills provided one accept the caveat that all rides are not for the faint of heart. Oscillating camera movements and close-ups create a claustrophobic experience except for one brief sky-high respite, and upon landing, a young boy is heard negotiating for extra tokens, underscoring the desperate desire for promised escapism.

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Senescent Vivarium

16mm/HD/B&W/7 mins/2018

Transient narratives of familiar ecological cycles are pushed further into supernatural territory by the effects of hand processed 16mm black and white film, and a deeply atmospheric, magnetic sound score.

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HD/Fog Filters/Colour/Work in Progress/2019

Studying plants in the various process of decay, neglect and ongoing pest disease attacks, this new work examines vulnerability, and what is considered invasive within a landscape in rural Ohio that is wrought with divisive ideas of inclusiveness, greatness and how definitions of being an outsider are represented. 


Super8/HD/Colour/3 mins/2017

Fragmented moments filmed using prisms and diamond-like shapes used to frame various sequences found at my parents home, a brief moment of my mother rising from bed after a serious illness, and a final return to reflected light and creatures found at sea.

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HD/Colour/BW/7 mins/2016

Gaining elevation is a very complex concept. The higher we ascend, the more removed we are from normal everyday affairs, but the broader our gaze becomes, the more profound our sense of our situation in the world.

Lookout is a personal experimental documentary that examines this kind of elevation or ‘lookout’ through the discovery of human ashes atop a mountain, and a distinct, yet fragmented audio collage of 80’s mix cassette tapes.

"It is a stunning work that weaves together a heightened sensitivity to both nature and technology in the most surprising ways...And the writing, oh it soars, in the blue, blue sky, so enigmatic, inviting deep contemplation of what it is to be so embedded in the mortal coil." - Lynne Sachs, March 2018

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SD surveillance Video/4 mins/2016

Using security surveillance footage from a compound hidden in a remote location on Vancouver Island, this short video follows a young girl while preforming some kind of security sweep.Based on conversations and recordings with a close family friend, Collapse is told from the now grown woman’s perspective, which alludes to a past trauma and heightened sense of paranoia about preparing for a forthcoming doomsday event.

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Nocturne attempts to move viewers on an emotional and intellectual level by its exploration of nocturnal space. The film diverts from traditional notions of narrative, character and drama, in order to emphasize the mysterious journey of a young woman through five intensely cryptic spatial encounters within the landscapes of Toronto’s ravine parklands.

Metaphysical and liminal spaces are represented through careful framing, and an intensely evocative sound design is meant to underscore overall feelings of anticipation, and unknown urgency.

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*Best viewed at night or in a very dark space*

Temps Mort


Temps Mort ('Dead Space, or Dead Time") refers to the film theory idea that long takes of space appear to be 'dead' or without characters or action.

Temps Mort is an exploration of empty spaces taken from a large University-specifically spaces that seem to have a technological and architectural patina or age to them, in effect, offering a sense of science fiction-like ambiance. I wanted to imply or give the feeling that these spaces had been recently abandoned by people, where two surviving telescopes locate or 'look' at the empty places out of automaton curiosity. Sound effects extracted from Ridley Scott's 1979 film Alien help embellish the film’s minimalistic visual style and highlight nostalgic attachments for what is considered “futuristic”.

Watch Temps Mort Here

Black Creek

HD/Colour/8 mins/2011

Filmed in on location in Black Creek, North York, this film explores the representations of male violence and desire in relationship to a sleepless man's viewing of 80's blockbuster Rambo: First Blood Part II, and the contrasting strange nocturnal landscape of this notorious Toronto Ravine. 

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