Kyath Battie is a filmmaker and photographer with specific interests in mysteries, landscapes
and sound design. Her work ranges from personal and observational documentaries to atmospheric spatial explorations of space. Her work also involves large-scale viewership, often creating a fine line between the cinematic and the still image experience. Her work has been shown at festivals, galleries across Canada and internationally. 



2019, Night Garden, HD & SD Video, 6 mins
2019, Not For The Faint of Heart, Super8, 4 mins
2018, Senescent Vivarium, 16mm, 7, mins
2016, Lookout, HD Video, 12 mins 
2016, Collapse, HD Video, 5 mins 
2015, Prism, Super8 Film, Colour, 4 mins 
2012, Nocturne, HD Video, 20 mins 
2012, Open Door, HD Video Installation, 8 mins 
2011, The Leona Drive Project, (collaborative project) HD Video, 20 mins 
2011, Emergency Exit, HD Video, 4 mins 
2011, Temps Mort, HD Video, 7 min 
2011, Stairwell 7, HD Video, 8 min 
2011, Storm, HD Video, 12 min 
2010, Silent Hill, Video Installation 
2009, Tunnel Vision, Video Installation 
2008, Interchange, Video, 7 mins 
2007, Blue Beard (Co-Directed), Animation, 5 mins 
2007, Domestic Blitz, Video/ Animation, 7 mins 
2005, FEST, Documentary, 48 mins 
2003, Under My Pillow, Video, 7 mins


Bideodromo Experimental Film and Video Festival, Bilbao (Basque Country), (upcoming September 2019)
Antimatter Media Arts Festival, Victoria, BC, Canada (upcoming, October 2019)
Spectral Film Festival, WI, USA, 2019
Micro-Acts Artist Film Screenings, London, UK, 2018
Experimental Film Guanajuato, Mexico, 2018
Antimatter Media Art Festival, Victoria, BC, Canada, 2018
Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland, UK, 2018
Accents of Air and Earth, curated Prairie films, Montreal, Canada, 2018
NSI -National Screen Institute – On-Line Festival, Canada, 2018
AXW, (Another Experimental Film Festival by Women) NYC, USA, 2018
Dawson City International Short Film Festival, Yukon, Canada, 2018
The 8Fest, Toronto, Canada, 2018
Yorkton Film Festival, SK, Canada, 2017
Flatgrafika Festival, SK, Canada, 2016
Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards, Best Short Film Nominee, SK, Canada, 2016 
Antimatter Festival of Media Art, Victoria, BC, Canada, 2016 
Perth Revelation International Film Festival, Perth, Australia, 2016 
OneTake Super8 Festival, Regina, SK, Canada , 2015 
The Alphabetic Order of Things, EMMEDIA, Calgary, AB, Canada (2014) 
Curatorial Incubator: An Architecture of Performance, Toronto, ON, Canada (2014) 
Video de femmes du Parc, Montreal, QC (2013) 
Space 1026 Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (2012) 
Images Festival, Toronto, ON (2012) 
Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Graduate Film Showcase, Toronto, ON (2012) 
Open Space Gallery, Victoria, BC (2011) 
Collective Works Gallery, Victoria, BC (2009) 
Edges Film + Video Festival, Victoria, BC (2008) 
Open Cinema, Victoria, BC (2008) 
Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria, BC (2008) 
International Film Festival of New Cinema, Havana, Cuba (2007) 
International Festival of Cinema and Technology, New York City, NY (2005) 
Anchorage Film Festival, Anchorage, Alaska (2004) 
Flicker Festival, North Carolina (2003) 
Antimatter Underground Film Festival, Victoria, BC (2003) 
Ontario Cinematheque, Toronto, ON (2000) 
Northwest Film and Video Festival, Portland, OR (1999) 
The Blinding Light Cinema, Vancouver, BC (1999) 
Vancouver Underground Film Festival, Vancouver, BC (1999) 
Antimatter Underground Film Festival, Victoria, BC (1998)

MUBI – Senescent Vivarium, 2018, EIFF Catalogue
MUBI – Storm, 2011, Moving Image Catalogue

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC), Toronto, Canada

VTAPE, Toronto, Canada